Although PAT testing is not a legal requirement, it is the best way to check that all your portable electrical equipment is in a safe and usable condition.
Many company insurance policies require regular testing to satisfy their policy terms.

Why You Should Test Your Appliances

  1. The Law requires businesses and public places to maintain the safety of electrical appliances
  2. Appliances will be safe for employees, clients, tenants and others to use
  3. Appliance testing will find safety faults on appliances that otherwise would not be found
  4. Faults can be rectified ensuring productivity and safety of appliances
  5. Insurance companies may require the testing of appliances
  6. You can be prosecuted if you do not comply with safety legislation

Don’t wait until it's too late.
Good maintenance,
together with a regular appliance inspection and test program,
will also help to prevent unexpected problems occuring.